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Enterprise Unified Messaging hub

Personal and Shared Email Zones

  • Manage and Centralize Group mails
  • Get analytics
  • Attach workflows
  • Assign as tasks or get approvals

Team Zones

  • Create team zones in private or public
  • Socialize, reward, engage with peers
  • Assign tasks, tag people and events
  • Get opinions and Hire teams
  • Get trending and performance metrics

Integrate Apps & Enterprise search

  • Add Apps from App store
  • Connect Multiple calendars
  • Synchronize information across events
  • Omnishare messages across apps
  • Use our Enterprise Search to find and filter across apps

Automate Tasks

  • Create templates
  • Assign tasks across zones
  • Find mentors
  • Get performance metrics

Intelligence and Analytics

  • Find team and customer response metrics
  • See engagement intelligence
  • Get audit trail and post intelligence
  • Get social intelligence on team members
  • Enterprise Install

    • Build custom BOTS and AI responses
    • Open Data science platform for Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Unified Alerts

  • Dashboard alerts from multiple sources
  • Quickly respond, assign or share data across apps
  • Filter for alerts or messages.

    • Secure Data
      • SaaS – encrypted and secured
      • On-Prem – Installed, configured per your security needs
    • Email
      • Just add IMAP or SMTP settings for O365 or Gmail
      • No need to configure anything!
    • Enterprise Install
      • Sync your Active Directory or Google Suite with Giggso
      • Install on your cloud under your VPCs
      • Customize and consume alerts from any app!