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One interface to manage your customer journey and systems with Real-time intelligence

In 3 steps:

  • Connect your apps – Click on app store and give your apps connections, Giggso will take care of sync and communication from inside groups
  • Choose your collaboration mode – You can add multiple emails, create customer facing shared inboxes or internal / public groups
  • Network with Peers or Customers – Invite folks from your team or customers to work within Giggso.

Yes there are more functions:

  • BOT interface for customers or support teams.
  • Rules and AI for case management
  • Knowledge and Audit Trail
  • Social Enterprise
  • Gamification and Reward management

Mentors and Experts in quick time

Giggso allows for choosing one or many individuals as a point of knowledge to act as a Co-pilot to the system and answer queries. Giggso’s inbuilt mentor and knowledge seek is both engaging and rewarding while helping you solve work needs asap.

All questions answered

Over time, with an increase in the number of interactions and human intervention in addressing the queries and generating their answers, Giggso’s machine learning helps it grow smarter and handle complex queries all by itself.

Define access as you choose

Introduce tiers for info access or set up departmental data sections. Giggso helps assign accountability and set knowledge sharing zones.

In-sync with your team

Giggso acts as the interface for sharing critical info with your team allowing the data to reach them via their preferred channels. It’s like keeping your team on the same page, across all editions of a book.

Latest updates; seamlessly

Allowing knowledge movement across all platforms, Giggso’s keeps you updated with the latest info.

Integrates with your apps, home grown or public

Whatever the interface you use for sharing knowledge, Giggso helps create custom notifications to suit your work style.

Response management

Don’t wait forever for a response! Giggso automatically notifies you when your queries have been answered or your mails replied to with an aggregated dashboard or graphical interface.

Giggso’s Shay bot helps you navigate easily with NLP.