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Speed up Loan Origination or Servicing

Bring digital experience to loan sales, jump start sales

Digital Transparency

Digitize customer experience

Open up your workflow, be transparent and get your Bot to help the customer move faster.Simplify customer communication, with Giggso’s omni channel messaging and AI, and see all messages in one window.

Stay on top of Rules and Guidelines.

Latest updates

Use Giggso’s Bot with the power of enterprise search to connect and search across. Lightning-fast contextual searches on guides and rules help you move fast with right decisions. But you won’t be, with Giggso!

Instant answers

Find it yourself or ask a Bot to help, Giggso augments your need to find answers with easy questions. Giggso’s bot supplements your searches with suggestions and multi-platform sync ups.

Tech experts

Finding the right member to help is always a challenge, Giggso solves that with a powerful mentor search. And gives more power to your team with social engagement rewards to motivate mentorship and expert help.

Giggso is all that you need.

One stop shop

Build workflows, rules and AI to guide the right request to the right team. Sync up all your data from omni-channels and, let your customer communicate on any format, capture them in one frame.

Giggso connects on every message source so that you can always have the knowledge you need at hand anytime you want it.

Always active

Giggso regularly updates itself using its smart AI so that you can always access the latest info when you search for it.

Speed up loan closure

Make your customers feel at home, Giggso’s bot and transparency can help loans move faster and reduce time to close.

Hit the ground running

Giggso’s interactive chat interface cuts down training time across any platform. Access any app or tool from one interface with just chat. Keep your staff in sync with the most modern updates so that they spend less time training and more time closing deals.