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Operations, faster – smarter and at lower costs

  • Powerup Operations with
  • Automation and AI
  • Knowledge base

Quick access to smart data, sans the pain

Time to close a ticket is key to success in any Ops, Giggso helps you to precisely accomplish that. Getting information on time is mandatory to solving tickets, Giggso gets that on time.

Giggso’s omni channel interface lets you move data without any complex procedures in an easy message format. It also allows the user to gain more context by asking questions and refining queries.

Let the creative minds flow

Giggso removes redundant chores from your daily routine, be it scheduling or email management giving you precious time to spend with clients or creative innovation or training up for the next best thing at work.

Radical innovation

Giggso helps you optimize your team performances and maximizing output.

Do more than just assign tasks, design reports and handle regular support queries using state of art technologies at your fingertips.

Spend less time chasing mails and being out of context, let Shay help you manage information, while you innovate.