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Harness the Power of Communication for Greater Customer Satisfaction

Giggso unifies your messages from multiple systems to provide real-time actionable insights into customer and business needs.

  • Single entry point

    • Find any message from any app or source in one place, quickly share across teams or systems.

  • Intelligence, real-time

    • Get analytical info for faster and smarter decision making. Resolve tickets with information gleaned from knowledge sources.

  • Automate tasks

    • Use chat to automate work and get accountability metrics, even millennials would love it!

  • Agile customer service

    • Make every customer feel important, attend to their needs quickly armed with precision data.

AI-powered Data routing

Giggso captures and stores knowledge as you converse. The knowledge that is necessary but often hidden in plain sight within your emails, chats and notifications. With Giggso’s help, you can pinpoint precise data to answer queries and keep everyone in sync with the latest updates.

Information, at fingertips

With Giggso’s data capturing ability across platforms you can find the answers you’re looking for across docs, emails, graphs, spreadsheets, cloud storage, etc.

Update Info in real-time

WIth Webhooks and streaming data capture across multiple platforms, Giggso keeps your information up to date.

Easy does it

While other interfaces may make info sourcing feel complex, Giggso’s chat based layout helps you find the answers you want without complex specifications.

Guided Knowledge

Giggso engages with a client or a potential lead in a way so as to help them and the organization find the best solutions to their needs. The communication can be modified to suit specific department or enterprise needs as well.

Social, Simple and Human augmented

For the questions which Giggso doesn’t have answers to, its smart interface asks for human intervention.

Giggso socializes and brings engagement incentives to work, so you can crowd source knowledge metrics along side our AI knowledge capture.