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Stay connected. Manage messages. Be productive.

We made it simple to ease your work day, by centralizing and bringing task management on messages from Slack, Email or other apps.

Plus we added powerful insights, cross-platform search, event management, Video / Audio, chat messaging, workflows, Bots et al to make your workday easier.

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For teams lesser than 50, its free for 6 months – no credit card needed to sign up and use!

How does Giggso help remote teams?

Unify messages from apps and teams

Connect your apps and work with multiple teams and apps from a single pane.

  • Create public, private or shared teams
  • Manage events and watch alerts
  • Socialize with rewards
  • Make video / audio meetings

Centralize knowledge

Conversations and emails carry wealth of information, Giggso helps retain and reuse information

  • Collect and box knowledge from different conversations
  • Share information across teams with access privileges
  • Reduce cost with BOT automation
  • Create polls and gamify with remote teams

Task Management

Make any message accounted for, convert messages into tasks or bind into existing tasks and always stay relevant.

  • Convert conversations into tasks
  • Flip from regular agile tasks to kanban boards
  • Bring in Trello or Jira in real time
  • Sync up with ServiceNow or Sales force
  • Get accountable analytics

Automation and AI

Bring transparency, establish and follow processes. Reduce redundant tasks with automation

  • Create workflows
  • Assign tasks and watch lists
  • Create checklists
  • Get approvals

Cross Platform Search

Giggso’s powerful search across multiple systems helps save time and bring information handy..

  • Search across apps and teams
  • Omni-channel share information and assign tasks
  • Audit any action
  • Gather and reuse knowledge

Dashboards and Alert management

Bring individual dashboards to validate and make your work day easier, manage alerts from a single panel.

  • Bringing multiple alerts in one board
  • Filter down by topic or app
  • Quickly reply or assign for messages
  • Share messages across apps

Shared inbox

Manage shared accounts such as Email ( or a corporate slack channel or twitter account from a single group. Bind them to a knowledge source to glean powerful analytics.

  • Add a team to your inbox and collaborate real-time with customer requests.
  • Bring in multiple communication channels, email or twitter – connect real time with customers
  • Manage tickets, tasks and more with powerful insights.

Why Giggso?

Unified Hub

Siloed communication is a challenge for organizations to function, especially when working remotely. Giggso connects siloed systems together and manages them.

Central Search and Share

Giggso’s powerful centralized enterprise communication hub that links multiple systems for messages and gleans knowledge from them to help manage work days and customers.

Workflows and Task management

Using a powerful omni-channel knowledge gatherling system, Giggso helps teams manage notifications, collaboration tools and automate tasks and socialize with customers using real-time intelligence.

Giggso makes it very simple for teams to work with each other.

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