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Jump start your Sales

Drive with data to spur up sales for your business

Sales teams use Giggso for:

  • Quickly respond to customer needs with accurate decisions and information to help close a sale. Communicate clearly with concise information from your enterprise.
  • Keep your sales platforms synced up with our Omni channel sharing

Many interfaces; one platform:

  • Travel or Desk job on sales, Giggso gives you access to multiple systems from one platform to help bring vital information to close a sale.
  • While your sales team focuses on the customer, Giggso manages the sync up with multiple teams.
  • Giggso integrates all those critical tools under one platform allowing you to seamlessly transfer and understand data across app barriers.

Never miss a lead:

  • Giggso helps sales teams with simulcast messaging using the power of team collaboration with open customer engagement in same window with instant knowledge base to support.
  • Giggso collects hidden info and lets you use it in a potent way which is simple to comprehend.

Pitch confidently:

The Sales pitch might not always be up to date as the sales team has to cater to a lot many clients. Giggso assists them in keeping themselves updated , get information to make smart decisions on time.