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Tech support made easy, for both customers and agents

AI improvised self learning to help Tech teams forge forward

  • Agile working
  • Collaborative management
  • Automated and Data powered ticket resolutions

Cut down Support costs

Giggso’s AI cuts down time to resolve tickets with a powerful knowledge Bot, Shay. Shay brings resolution to low level tickets and creates a social engagement model to incentivize teams for augmenting knowledge base.

Quality Interactions

Get contextual answers to questions with minimal human interventions and costs.

Shay the Bot acts as your primary client/user answering their FAQs.

Giggso’s machine learning allows it to learn from previous interactions, store new responses and overtime handle complex queries effectively by itself. Giggso also creates an incentive reward model to engage support staff for their innovative or smart responses.

Invigorate knowledge base

Traditional knowledge systems are not to the mark, they depend on data transfers from multiple systems with ETL / ELT tools and batch ingestion. Giggso brings real time data with focus on metadata and messages to gather information on context to sentiments.

Giggso uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to allow interactions in everyday language for questions.

It also allows for a human presence at all times to deal with complex queries and keep things in check.

Limitless Potential:

Giggso is more than an AI chatbot;

Its a platform integrating all commonly used interfaces seamlessly and extending to Logs or IoT devices. Giggso allows enterprises to do things ranging from workflow designing, assigning tasks, ask for approvals, share documents across platforms, manage clients and so much more under human supervision and safety at all times.