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May 1, 2023 2024-04-01 8:32

AI ML Workflow and Observability made

Simple, Cost-Effective, and Scalable

Make your AI trust worthy for your customer!

Onboard and monitor models in just 4 steps!!

Our platform helps accelerate AI ML initiatives and effectively manage your AI ML models.

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A No-code Model Ops platform

For cost-effective and efficient Model management. Our powerful automation ensures compliance, and accelerates your AI/ML initiatives. With built-in bias detection, performance monitoring, and drift management, work securely with customers and vendors to overcome siloed environments

No-code Platform

Our low-code/no-code platform streamlines AI/ML monitoring and data observability, saving time and eliminating complexity.

Identify issues before they impact your business

Detect and remediate issues quickly with our secure unified triage room. Our platform streamlines incident remediation, saving time and enhancing performance.

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards

Simplify third-party SaaS and API management with our multi-tenant triaging function and blockchain audit to protect your business against compliance breaches.

Optimize Your AI Investment with ROI Tracking

Let’s face it, AI is expensive to manage as it grows. Stay on top of your AI model's value and usage with ROI tracking to optimize your investment.

Monitor model performance in real-time

Easily monitor and manage your AI/ML models with configuration templates and automated alerts. Ensure your AI quality by maintaining accuracy and performance with our monitoring tools.

Our Pricing


AI ML and Data Observability for Small teams
  • FREE!
  • No credit card required
  • Upto 2 users & 2 models
  • Max batch payload size 2 MB every 4 hours


For small teams and mid-sized teams
  • $50
  • Per month
  • Upto 5 users & 5 models
  • Max batch payload size 10MB every 4 hours


For organizations looking to scale their ML models
  • Custom
  • Pricing
  • Unlimited projects and users
  • Unlimited payload size


A Champion for IEEE AI Ethics

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